Electronic Execution

Meridian has years of experience catering to high frequency and quantitative traders. Through our extensive industry connections and exchange relationships, we can identify the appropriate venues to meet our client's changing needs. We maintain a proactive approach to changes in market structure, technology and risk management capabilities required in today's trading environment. Meridian specializes in the following categories:

eQuote Parity: Clients who trade through Meridian's NYSE floor brokers obtain parity executions. Client orders bypass the limit book queue, trade equally with/ alongside other market participants thus allowing for superior liquidity and fill rates. The NYSE and NYSE MKT are the only venues whereby a client can receive this 'top of the book' advantage, but only if executed through a qualified NYSE member firm's technology.

Discretionary Quotes (dQuotes): Clients using dQuote orders through Meridian's NYSE floor technology not only receive the NYSE & NYSE MKT closing print, but also benefit from order entry time and cancelation advantages. Additionally, dQuote orders benefit from ultra low transaction costs and are afforded the parity matching advantage for Limit On Close orders.

Third Party Algos (TPA): Clients are able to discretely embed their proprietary algorithms directly into Meridian's NYSE handheld computers using their API. This allows a 'best of both worlds' approach whereby the client gets to set customized strategy parameters while allowing for better fill rates via Meridian's NYSE floor parity matching advantage.

Direct Market Access (DMA): provides clients with electronic access to all major lit exchanges (ARCA, BATS, EDGE, NASDAQ, NYSE). By connecting a client's OMS to ours, we are able to provide clients with a superior rate structure due to our substantial daily volume. Clients take advantage of our extensive industry relationships and expertise in mitigating transaction costs.

Meridian was one of the first NYSE Member Firms to roll-out these open access features. Our team has decades of experience, know-how and relationships in this space allowing us to quickly and efficiently implement our client's objectives. We pride ourselves on advising clients on how to utilize the many order types and venue options to increase alpha and minimize trading costs. Allow us to customize a plan to illustrate how you can leverage off our platform here at Meridian.