Institutional Brokerage

Prime Brokerage Services

Meridian Prime Brokerage provides end-to-end solutions to single & multi-primed established hedge funds, start-up funds, Registered Investment Advisors, trading groups, and high net worth investors. We enable clients to operate on a variable cost basis allowing them to focus on what they do best–manage money. Through our clearing relationships with ICBC Financial Services, clients receive the benefits of major institutional clearing firms while retaining the advantages of Meridian's personalized service.

  • Business Launch & Support Services - Whether searching for lawyers or accountants, finding and planning office space, building out enterprise technology or finding insurance and compliance solutions, Meridian can guide and support clients through all phases of their business evolution.
  • Administrative & Operational Support - Meridian coordinates all back & middle office activities across prime broker platforms, accountants, auditors, and fund administrators. We manage any & all issues related to custody, clearance, and settlements.
  • Direct Market Access Solutions- Meridian provides clients the option of placing self directed orders via MEP designed custom trading platforms. MEP empowers clients with direct access trade execution solutions in Equities, Options and Futures.
  • Outsourced Trading Desk (OTD) - Each Meridian OTD client has a dedicated, experienced trader and backup trader at their disposal on a moment's notice to discuss strategy, needs, expectations and market insight.