Institutional Brokerage

U.S. Cash Equities

Meridian has a broad, diverse and international clientele representing all strategies and market caps. We operate one of the largest NYSE floor operations utilizing a complete suite of algorithmic and dark pool solutions. Our team executes millions of shares a day encompassing a wide variety of instructions. Meridian's soft dollar capabilities allow clients to achieve their desired research results while maximizing performance. Additionally, our veteran sales traders have the depth of experience and know how to locate hard to find liquidity if so directed.

At the core of Meridian's execution capabilities lies our expertise in successfully affecting spread trading-be it Merger Arbitrage, Pairs, Stubs, Rights and Warrants. Our ability and desire to tackle the more difficult, illiquid outright or spread trades coupled with depth of product range, cements our usefulness and trust with our clients. Meridian's secret to success is a result of our unique ability to toggle back and forth between human and electronic execution. Having direct access to the point of sale via our NYSE floor operation gives us a setup and view of the markets that many of our peers cannot replicate. Quite simply, Meridian sales traders anticipate in a proactive way, capturing opportunities as they arise.