Gain Insight Into the Results-Driven Process We Use


Meridian trades approximately 35 million shares on average, daily for both high touch and low touch clients. Our equity team utilizes all available avenues to source liquidity for our clients including a suite of algorithms, dark pools, and via the NYSE point of sale using our 12 Floor Brokers. In addition, our option desk sources liquidity from our extensive counter-party network, through our long-standing relationships with floor brokers on every physical exchange and ECNs.


Client orders executed by our NYSE floor brokers benefit from the Parity advantage. Parity allows client orders to bypass the limit book queue, trade equally with/alongside other market participants thus allowing for superior liquidity and fill rates. The NYSE and NYSE American are the only venues whereby a client can receive this 'top of the book' advantage, but only if executed through a qualified NYSE member firm.

Hybrid Executions

Meridian's secret to success is that we take what the market gives us when it gives it to us. Our NYSE floor operation provides us direct access to the point of sale for times when a manual human touch is needed. Our electronic algorithmic capabilities allow us to fill in the gaps during quieter market periods. This ability to toggle back and forth at a moment’s notice allows our traders to react quickly and capture liquidity opportunities as they arise.


Meridian Sales Traders all have well over a decade of trading experience. Our Equity team is well versed in all order types including VWAP, TWAP. Percent of Volume. MOC/LOC and D-orders. Our Option team excels at Single List, Index, ETF, Hard to Borrow names along with combo and delta neutral spreads. We also excel at spread trading such as merger or convertible arbitrage, pairs, rights, and warrants.

Low-Cost Commissions:

Meridian maintains a low cost of overhead, a variable cost business model, and has preferred vendor relationships due to our volume. This recipe allows us to offer clients aggressive commission rates with volume breakpoints, if applicable. With just a quick phone call and a clear understanding of your benchmarks, technology, and regulatory requirements, Meridian can customize a rate quote that will exceed your expectations.

Net Performance Results:

At the end of the day, net execution costs are what counts. If you value liquidity with superior fill rates and experienced traders who actually pay attention to every piece of your order, then Meridian is the obvious choice to earn your business. We have contracted Abel Noser to perform customized Trade Cost Analysis (TCA) reporting for our clients, which we happily provide at no cost. Time and again, our team meets and exceeds performance benchmarks proving our worth to clients.